Ongoing E4TheFuture Initiatives (2017-18)

  • Convene and enable a coalition of leading organizations from among our partners/allies to build strong clean energy advocacy at the state level.
  • Empower advocates to make the case for energy efficiency (EE) as an economic driver, by translating solid research into dynamic communications such as our Faces of EE campaign.
  • Support and strengthen the residential home performance industry to ensure that residential consumers — particularly those with low and moderate incomes —  can benefit from clean energy strategies.
  • Build on our “home court experience” to boost creative progressive clean energy legislation, policies and projects in Massachusetts.
  • Complete a three-year initiative to position the Home Performance Coalition and affiliated groups as a first-class policy and advocacy voice for the residential energy sector.
  • Advance and support training in state practices on determining cost-effectiveness investments in energy efficiency and other distributed energy resources using the National Standard Practice Manual.
  • Advance understanding of how consumers use their purchasing power for clean energy investments through Community Clean Energy Project demonstrations.
  • Advance understanding of how residential energy efficiency programs impact health through research.
  • Advance understanding of integrated program models through demonstration projects.
  • Bring our unique expertise in the design and implementation of registries as foundational to clean energy participation in regulatory and wholesale markets to the task of final adoption of National Energy Efficiency Registry (NEER) operating rules.

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Home Energy Efficiency Audit


  • Ongoing E4TheFuture Initiatives (2017-18)