New Paper: Florida Could Add 135K Jobs by Embracing Five Policies

February, 2019 — White paper by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)

New ACEEE research supported by E4TheFuture shows that Florida could bolster energy efficiency policies to gain 135,000 jobs. Energy efficiency is an economic powerhouse that added more U.S. jobs in 2017 than any other part of the clean energy economy. Florida is home to many of these efficiency jobs, ranking fourth nationwide. Yet significant opportunities remain untapped.

This white paper lays out five key policies that Florida can adopt to spur job growth across the state:
• Set energy savings targets for utilities
• Adopt state-level appliance standards
• Promote the use of combined heat and power
• Update building energy codes
• Work with major cities to benchmark large public and commercial buildings

See the paper.

See blog by Annie Gilleo (ACEEE).