ACEEE paper analyzing Pennsylvania energy efficiency jobs

New Paper: Pennsylvania Could Add 30K Jobs by Lifting Artificial Caps on Efficiency Investments

April, 2019 — Paper by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)

New ACEEE research supported by E4TheFuture reveals how Pennsylvania could gain at least 30,000 jobs and save $6.4 billion. Families and businesses can save over 90,000 GWh of electricity if proposed House and Senate bills successfully remove caps on efficiency spending. Pennsylvania lags behind efficiency savings achieved in neighboring Maryland, Ohio, and New York; by passing legislation to lift caps, the Commonwealth can catch up and benefit for years to come.

The economic analysis set forth in this paper describes how Pennsylvania can spur job growth across the Commonwealth. It includes:
• Background on legislation
• Results
• Methodology
• Savings
• Conclusions

See the paper.

See blog by Annie Gilleo (ACEEE).