Residential Electric Vehicle Rates That Work

New Report: Residential Electric Vehicle Rates That Work

November, 2019 — Report by Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) supported by E4TheFuture, with co-authors from The Brattle Group and Enel X.

With crucial timing to help inform smart rate design, E4TheFuture funded Residential Electric Vehicle Rates That Work: Attributes That Increase Enrollment. The authors provide essential insights and analysis.

Utilities are faced with an urgent need to avoid costly distribution system impacts and infrastructure upgrades; this report will help to inform a smart approach to encourage off-peak charging.

“Now is a crucial moment for electric utility rate design planning to prepare for the massive influx of EV adoption and necessary charging,” said Steve Cowell, president of E4TheFuture. “The new information in this report can help utilities successfully accommodate and integrate EVs on their path to reaching clean energy goals.”

The report is featured in Utility Dive’s 11/14/19 article EV-specific rates are the gateway to direct load management, SEPA report finds. SEPA author Erika Myers said, “The potential goes beyond EVs to include other grid-connected devices that could respond to electricity pricing such as water heaters, air conditioners, swimming pool pumps, and laundry equipment.”

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