Renewable Energy Policy Advocacy

History & Achievements

“Steve Cowell and Pat Stanton are two of the finest, most intelligent energy and environmental minds that I know. They are a national resource.”

– Jeff Genzer, Partner, Duncan Weinberg Genzer & Pemboke PC

“Steve’s invaluable contributions to the home performance industry…have positively impacted the lives of millions of people throughout the United States.”

– Larry Zarker, CEO at Building Performance Institute

E4TheFuture also has a past. We are a continuing nonprofit endowed from Conservation Services Group including its CEO/co-founder Steve Cowell. CSG’s operating programs were acquired by CLEAResult in 2015. The sale capped CSG’s 30+ pioneering years delivering energy services, focused primarily on efficiency program development and implementation in the residential sector.

CSG effectively advocated for common-sense policy and played a key role in developing renewable energy markets. E4TheFuture is continuing this policy work and expanding its focus.

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  • Renewable Energy Policy Advocacy

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