State Level Clean Energy Policy

State and Local

State Level Energy Policy

How we help on state and local levels

E4TheFuture engages where our expertise and resources can best make a difference for America’s energy future. We participate in state, regional and local policy education aiming for effective, equitable clean energy solutions, especially in the residential sector and transportation.

Our approach is both strategic and tactical. Going beyond technology-specific solutions, we believe a holistic focus is necessary.

Examples include:

  • Assisting state energy offices to utilize federal infrastructure funding, with the NASEO Boxes initiative via our partnership with NASEO.
  • Energy efficiency and jobs: state-specific educational resources.
  • Weatherization assistance for low-income homeowners is often hampered by “walkaways” due to structural or other barriers. We aim to help fix that.

Other ways we help

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  • State Level Clean Energy Policy

    State and Local

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