Meet some of the 2.3 million energy efficiency pros who work in the U.S. With a little help from our friends, we show the magnitude of our industry in all 50 states.

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Why Faces of EE?
Energy efficiency is historically a job-creation powerhouse. We have the data to back up that claim, at a pretty granular level. We aim to “humanize” the statistics.

People who work in EE are passionate about what they do. Why? Because EE jobs are:

  • Refreshingly non-partisan
  • Local jobs; cannot be outsourced
  • Poised for growth, despite 2020’s economic woes
  • Made in America using mostly U.S. materials

EE pros are often too busy carrying out their work to actually talk about its value. That’s where Faces of EE comes in. Our mission involves spreading the word about how important the efficiency industry is to America’s economy, while promoting solutions that help make the EE sector even stronger.

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Who do you know in the energy efficiency sector?

A vibrant EE sector means a growing workforce and a healthier economy nationwide. And as a society, America gains documented benefits from EE implementation, including cleaner air and greater energy independence.

Let’s make some noise!
Add your voice and help show our strength as an industry. Lots of us together add up. We can:

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