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At E4TheFuture, we lift from the core.

We convene and support stakeholders to collaborate for a strong impact advancing clean energy solutions. Our deep experience, solid reputation and resources amplify this impact.

We are shifting the residential energy paradigm to enable a deeper contribution to clean, efficient energy solutions and decarbonization. With key partners and allies we work to broaden the “residential energy efficiency industry” from its traditional scope of home performance contractors to a larger EE industry.

One example of our industry work is advancement of a National Standard Practice Manual–for sound, unbiased evaluation of energy efficiency and other demand-side resources, via the National Energy Screening Project. E4TheFuture is coordinating the development of related resources.

See the National Energy Screening Project

The Community Clean Energy Project is a set of initiatives sparked by the need for clean energy access for all.

See the Community Clean Energy Project

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