Residential Energy Savings

Mission & Strategy


E4TheFuture promotes residential clean energy and sustainable resource solutions to advance climate protection and economic fairness by influencing federal, state and local policies, by helping to build a resilient and vibrant energy efficiency and clean energy sector and by developing local innovative strategies.


An established thought leader, E4TheFuture serves as both an actor and as an enabler of others’ actions. We publish, convene, advocate, and develop demonstration projects.

Vision & Methods:

We collaborate with industry stakeholders to provide expert policy solutions, education, and advocacy with a pragmatic focus. As a small, nimble organization, we integrate smart strategies to accomplish public policy goals that advance clean energy.

As the energy industry evolves, E4TheFuture supports advancing the effective integration of energy efficiency (EE) with other distributed clean energy resources. We focus on transportation and building sectors, with the goal of ensuring affordable, clean and equitable energy use for all customers.

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