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“Brilliant, committed, respected. Practical experience in the field. They know what policies are effective.”

– Kateri Callahan, Dynamic Energy Strategies LLC

E4TheFuture is known for its depth and breadth of service and for tenacity advocating clean energy, collaboration, and a long-view approach.

  • Audrey Starkebaum

    Audrey Starkebaum Bragg
    Senior Manager, State and Federal Policy

    Growing up on a farm in northeast Colorado, Audrey Starkebaum Bragg carries her passion for sustainability into the policy team. She works on clean energy equity and solutions, conducting analysis of policies and proposed regulations while also bringing awareness of the energy efficiency workforce to the forefront of policy discussions.

    Bragg manages policy projects focused on education, emerging regulation, and opportunities for common-sense solutions. She also oversees the efforts of E4TheFuture policy associates. Prior to E4TheFuture, she gained valuable insight into the clean energy world briefly working for CSG in 2013. Additionally, she worked at the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources where she focused on construction of wind turbines on farm land within the Commonwealth, as well as nationally. She earned her J.D., with an Energy and Environmental law focus, from New England Law in Boston.
  • Susan Buchan

    Susan Buchan
    Director of Energy Projects, E4TheFuture; Executive Director, Good2Go

    Aspiring to bring energy/building paradigms into the clean energy future, Susan Buchan is a sought-after leader whose range of expertise comprises large scale project and team direction, academic, and field experience. She joined E4TheFuture in 2016.

    Buchan served as executive director of the Energy & Environmental Building Alliance 2014-16. Earlier, she was senior program manager at Conservation Services Group, where she provided policy research and public advocacy and managed a multi-million-dollar project budget for CSG’s Western U.S. region. Buchan oversaw multiple electric and gas utilities and municipal programs focusing on residential energy efficiency retrofits, new construction and HVAC. She also taught Zero Net Energy Homes classes, among others. She has served as program manager and planning director for several organizations, and owned and operated an architectural design firm specializing in environmentally responsible design. She worked in architecture firms in Washington DC, where she managed projects for the National Park Service and Smithsonian Institution. Buchan earned a master’s in architecture from Virginia Tech and a Sustainable Design Certificate from Boston Architectural Center, and numerous building science certifications. She loves growing vegetables, transforming old houses, and hanging out with her family.
  • Andrew Chase

    Andrew Chase
    Senior Policy Analyst

    Andrew Chase joined E4TheFuture as a Policy Associate after working as a Market Analyst Fellow at Sustainable Energy Advantage, LLC (also located in Framingham, MA). He was promoted in 2021 to Senior Policy Analyst at E4TheFuture where he supports state and federal policy initiatives. During college, Chase became involved with work in energy efficiency on campus, sparking his interest in energy policy and advocacy. He pursued this interest in graduate school studying Environmental Policy at Vermont Law School.

    Chase joined the policy team with some experience in the energy field and is excited to be an advocate for efficiency. He enjoys spending his spare time in the mountains biking, hiking, and skiing.
  • Merav Dale
    Operations Lead

    Merav Dale joined E4TheFuture through the Good2Go program. With her background in education and transportation, she works with the community to ensure smooth day-to-day operations.

  • Natalie Fortman
    Project Manager

    As Project Manager for the Valuation Team, Natalie focuses on a range of projects involving research, analysis, and evaluation of energy efficiency and other clean energy resources. Prior to joining E4TheFuture, Natalie worked as a Consultant at Opinion Dynamics, focusing on evaluating low-income weatherization programs for investor-owned utilities.

    Fortman is especially interested in energy justice issues and wrote an original thesis on the impact of energy efficiency programs on the energy burdens of low-income Californians. She graduated from the University of California, Davis with a B.S. in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning with a focus on Climate Policy. In her spare time, she enjoys trying new recipes, reading science fiction, and hiking around the greater Boston area.
  • Carol Harley

    Carol Harley
    Communications Director

    Carol Harley oversees E4TheFuture’s brand, manages digital activities, and promotes and markets E4 initiatives and events.

    With years of experience as a content wrangler, she advances clean energy policy by strengthening the energy literacy of stakeholders. A devotee of untamed forests, avid gardener, and lifelong “energy nerd,” Harley enjoys drinking from the fire hose of energy news, ferreting out key opportunities, challenges and emerging issues. She holds a B.A. from Hood College.
  • Paula McNulty
    Deputy Director

    Previously E4TheFuture’s Director of Operations, Paula McNulty oversees the coordination of budget development, administration and accounting, and is responsible for human resources and related management. She is known for her ability to keep a cool and focused, yet warm-hearted approach.

    McNulty joined the company in 2015 bringing an extensive background and varied professional experience. With E4TheFuture as her first position in the field of energy efficiency, she enjoys learning about this fascinating industry.
  • Julie Michals

    Julie Michals
    Director of Valuation

    Julie Michals joined E4TheFuture in 2016 as Director of Valuation where she focuses on developing economic guidance on cost-effectiveness assessment of distributed energy resources and leads the National Energy Screening Project (NESP).

    Michals joined E4TheFuture after over a decade at Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP), where she directed the Regional EM&V Forum, a multi-state regional platform steered by regulatory commissioners and state officials from across the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic regions, with the goal of building a common currency for evaluating and reporting energy efficiency impacts. She holds a B.A. in Business Economics from University of California at Santa Barbara, and an M.A. in Energy and Environmental Analysis at Boston University. She enjoys cycling, gardening, and hiking with her family.
  • Pat Stanton

    Pat Stanton
    Executive Director

    Previously E4TheFuture’s Director of Policy, Pat Stanton brings a wealth of experience from work in government and private sectors as well as nonprofits, positioning her to lead the organization to build its enduring legacy. A nationally recognized, award-winning expert in regulatory policy analysis and advocacy, she works tirelessly to improve public policies related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and the full range of demand resources.

    Among other initiatives she is leading the Faces of EE campaign. Prior to E4TheFuture she served as policy advocacy lead at CSG (2003-2015) and led a consulting service for Clean Energy Markets participants. Before CSG, she was Deputy Commissioner at Massachusetts Dept. of Energy Resources (DOER). She was Assistant Commissioner of Waste Prevention at Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) where she contributed award-winning program design, and was a director of DEP’s Division of Water Supply. Stanton earned master’s degrees from Harvard University’s JFK School of Government (Public Administration) and MIT (Civil Engineering). She is also a power knitter and a cyclist in the American Lung Association’s Trek Across Maine the past few years.

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