National Clean Energy Policy


National Energy Policy

How we help on a national level

To fulfill E4TheFuture’s mission, we focus in a range of areas. These include:

Advancing streamlined ways for State Energy Offices to utilize federal infrastructure funding, by developing useful examples with our partner NASEO. The NASEO Boxes initiative focuses on early-stage planning and implementation for EECBG (block grant), IRA and IIJA programs.

Energy Efficiency Jobs. E4TheFuture provides a yearly dive into specific EE workforce numbers and locations. See the Energy Efficiency Jobs in America report.

National Standard Practice ManualTM. We coordinate the National Energy Screening Project (NESPTM). See Valuation of Resources.

Faces of EE. Are you an Energy Efficiency (EE) pro? Add your voice to 1500+ professionals raising awareness about the size and importance of EE. Twitter: @FacesOfEE.

Energy Plus Health. Better understand energy efficiency’s impacts on human health and resilience. See Energy Plus Health resources.

Other Work. E4TheFuture engages strategically on initiatives. A few examples:

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Other ways we help

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  • Clean Energy Industry Policy

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  • Valuation of Distributed Energy Resources

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