Benefit-Cost Analysis Case Studies: New Compendium

June 1, 2022 — E4TheFuture, coordinator of the National Energy Screening Project, is pleased to offer a new set of Benefit-Cost Analysis Case Studies: Examples of Distributed Energy Resource Use Cases. This timely addition to the National Standard Practice Manual (NSPM) focuses on topics of interest throughout the electric industry. The compendium illustrates benefit-cost analyses (BCAs) for distributed energy resource (DER) technologies and use cases.

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Developed by Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) with technical and modeling support from ICF, the set of three adds to two prior case studies (grid-interactive efficient buildings and non-wires solutions) published within the NSPM.

It includes:
• Residential EV Managed Charging in the Midwest
• Commercial Solar + Storage Controlled Dispatch in the West
• Residential Grid-interactive Efficient Building Retrofit in the Mid-Atlantic

Each new case study is informed by real-world BCAs and data for similar use cases, generalized into hypothetical examples based on cost-effectiveness tests that align with jurisdictional policy goals and objectives. Each illustrates key BCA considerations for single or multi-DERs, and demonstrates approaches to account for data analysis gaps. The new case studies address key cross-cutting issues (e.g., locational and temporal values and demand flexibility, interactive effects, and behind-the-meter considerations.