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  • Weatherization Without Walkaways: Change is Coming, But Needs a Push

    by Steve Cowell

    Weatherization is in the news more than ever, with infrastructure funds coming and with state and federal legislation proposed to improve buildings.

    Funding is necessary, but not sufficient, to solve our nation’s crisis in substandard housing. We absolutely need smart strategy. If we do not apply funds quickly and effectively, this opportunity could turn into its own crisis. This is what keeps me up at night.

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  • New York State Energy Policy Advances

    Building Consensus to Achieve New York’s Ambitious Energy and Carbon Goals

    by Steve Cowell

    New York is stepping up as a national leader on energy and carbon reduction. And details matter. How will New York achieve its goals? How are stakeholders and advocates helping to provide direction? Read More

  • New York State Energy Efficiency

    How to Return NY to “Top Three” for Energy Efficiency

    by Steve Cowell

    New York was once among the top three states–and can be again. Gov. Cuomo has called for ambitious new energy efficiency targets, and New Yorkers are urging the governor to present a statewide EE goal later this month that will help restore New York’s once-held status as a national leader.
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    Maryland’s Attempt to Address Dirty Energy Imports

    by Susan Buchan

    Maryland House Bill 1282 was a long shot. It would have provided the basis for Maryland’s PUC to address one of the most under-reported and elusive issues facing states concerned about climate: emissions from dirty, imported energy. The bill sought to “require the Public Service Commission to study and make recommendations about establishing a program to address carbon pollution attributed to electricity generated out-of-state but consumed within the State.”
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  • New York Energy Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency is Essential to Achieving NY Clean Energy Goals

    by Rachel Ehrman

    The Clean Energy Standard (CES) is an exciting step forward for New York to achieve ambitious clean energy goals. The mandate, adopted by the state’s Public Service Commission (PSC) in August, requires 50 percent of New York’s electricity to come from renewable energy sources by 2030. An aggressive phase-in will occur over several years.
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