Groundbreaking Energy-Plus-Health Playbook Released

July 10, 2019 — E4TheFuture is pleased to announce a new resource, the Energy-Plus-Health Playbook. This new document responds to a changing paradigm where both energy efficiency (EE) and health care sectors face major challenges and opportunities to improve customer engagement and better manage costs. The 84-page Playbook offers insights and examples of collaborations that combine EE and health resources.

The Playbook provides guidance for EE program administrators seeking to design integrated programs. It outlines three program tiers with increasing levels of health and energy integration.

The publication is the first to navigate the breadth and depth of such programs across the two industries, focusing on implementation and coordination.

Asthma Treatment for Breathing - ChildDeveloped by VEIC and funded by E4TheFuture, the playbook:

  • Enumerates health, energy, and other benefits of collaborative programs
  • Recommends ways to make the case for integrating healthy home and EE work to utilities, regulators, ratepayers, and other stakeholders
  • Defines three levels of integrated programs, including case studies and key considerations for administrators at each level
  • Provides guidance for readers committed to designing and developing integrated programs, including how to navigate health industry partnerships
  • Offers tools and resources that have been used in energy-health partnerships to help new programs use or build on existing materials (e.g., healthy home assessment form templates, patient referral forms, evaluation protocols)

Read the Executive Summary.

Download the Energy-Plus-Health Playbook.