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June 18, 2019 — E4TheFuture, coordinator of the National Efficiency Screening Project, announced the second NSPM Quarterly, a publication about the National Standard Practice Manual (NSPM) and a related state database. Milestones include the first commission order taking key steps toward implementing NSPM recommendations, and an imminent launch of NSPM’s next major phase.

Read the NSPM Quarterly.

The NSPM Quarterly comprises four pages of essential news, events and resources. In this quarter’s edition, you will find significant news about the Database of State Efficiency Screening Practices (DSESP). The newsletter previews an ACEEE topic brief that summarizes how DSESP supports stakeholder understanding and input into cost-effectiveness testing processes, along with ACEEE’s analysis of certain impacts accounted for in different state tests, with suggestions for how stakeholders can use the DSESP to support improving cost-effectiveness practices in their jurisdictions.

In addition, see news about Apex Analytics developing a paper that shows how Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA) models align with the NSPM framework.

The NSPM provides a comprehensive framework for cost-effectiveness assessment of energy resources. The manual describes principles, concepts, and methodologies for sound, balanced assessment of resource cost-effectiveness. The NSPM provides information for jurisdictions where energy efficiency resources are funded by/implemented on behalf of electric or gas utility customers.

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