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  • Non-Energy Benefits of Distributed Energy Resources

    What I learned during my internship at E4TheFuture

    by Owen Connolly

    Prior to my summer internship, I had some knowledge of the clean energy industry, but knew nothing about distributed energy resources (DERs) and the benefits they can provide. The valuation team of Julie Michals and Shayna Fidler quickly brought me up to speed on the National Standard Practice Manual for the Benefit-Cost Analysis of Distributed Energy Resources  (NSPM for DERs), as well as the Database of Screening Practices (DSP). While the DSP provides details on state cost-effectiveness practices for energy efficiency, my task was to research where and how states are valuing other DERs – with a focus on non-energy benefits (NEBs).

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  • How Can We Better Account for Economic Development in Benefit-Cost Analysis?

    by Shayna Fidler, Julie Michals, and Devin Hubbard

    Recent news headlines are dominated by stories of growing investments in distributed energy resources (DERs). “Utility to Jump Start EV Charging Infrastructure,” “Flexible DERs to Replace Natural Gas Peakers,” and “Doubling Down on Energy Efficiency to Fight Climate Change” are becoming common topics. As the shift to a cleaner, more flexible electric grid expands in the US, the connection between investing in DERs and the associated economic development impacts is critical to building a competitive and sustainable clean energy industry.

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  • Baked sweets

    TRCs and Sugar Cookies – a Holiday Review of Cost-effectiveness Testing Practices

    by Alaina Boyle

    As a home baker, I look forward to the holidays for the opportunity to dust off my cookie recipes — and to enjoy quality time with family and friends. Every December I comb through my recipe box to select the year’s favorites. To find the perfect mix of cookies to share with my family and friends, I like to refine the ingredients and directions in old standards while testing new recipes. Recently – bear with me on this – I’ve noticed that the Database of State Efficiency Screening Practices (DSESP) is a lot like my recipe box. Read More