Occupant health benefits residential energy efficiency

Occupant Health Benefits of Residential Energy Efficiency

November, 2016 — White paper by Tohn Environmental Strategies team, with Foreword by E4TheFuture.

The paper builds understanding and access to relevant data that can support inclusion of health impacts as a public benefit of energy efficiency.


The 35-page paper:

  • Reviews and summarizes research studies of residential energy efficiency and related ventilation upgrades
  • Discusses ways that programs have monetized occupant health co-benefits
  • Identifies where research gaps exist, and/or where research can be improved and leveraged
  • Provides an overview of innovative programs that combine energy efficiency and health-focused home repairs

E4TheFuture invites readers of this paper to collaborate on integrated approaches to improving indoor air quality of homes across the U.S. and beyond.

View the white paper.