Crains Chicago Rep. Bobby Rush Pat Stanton op ed

Op ed: Energy efficiency can help America’s economy work for all

Oct. 2, 2019 — Crain’s Chicago Business ran an opinion piece by E4TheFuture’s Pat Stanton and U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Chicago. Rush represents Illinois’ 1st District and chairs the House Energy & Commerce Committee’s energy subcommittee.

“A strong economy that works for everyone: That’s what Americans across the country say they want. Even the nation’s top CEOs are acknowledging that corporations can no longer focus on profits alone, but must also invest in their workers, support their local communities and protect the overall environment.”

The Crain’s op-ed brings attention to Rush’s important national legislation (the Blue Collar and Green Collar Jobs Development Act), which has attracted bi-partisan support and can help correct inequities and bridge a gap “by increasing training opportunities for women, people of color, veterans and workers transitioning from other energy fields.” And energy efficiency can help Chicago and other cities reach climate goals. The piece also highlights Energy Efficiency Jobs in America and E4TheFuture’s Faces of EE initiative.

Read the op-ed.