Regional Energy Markets: Do Inconsistent Governance Structures Impede U.S. Market Success?

July, 2016 — White paper by E4TheFuture and Synapse Energy Economics.

What is the current status of the role of new technologies and distributed resources in wholesale U.S. electricity markets?

Renewable Energy Policy Advocacy

In this paper you will find:

  • A clear summary identifying the governance structure in each of the seven energy markets overseen by an ISO/RTO (one page for each)
  • An analysis of the impact of governance on the extent to which the full range of energy resources can participate in wholesale markets
  • A demonstration of the inconsistent approach to governance and/or market inclusion of particular energy resources
  • Appendices containing historical context and a summary of RTO/ISO treatment of energy efficiency, demand response and distributed generation resources in transmission planning

We intend that the paper will help inform policy-focused organizations who wish to work together to improve governance structures and market rules.

View the white paper.