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  • Efficiency Canada and E4TheFuture join forces to raise up energy efficiency professionals

    Momentum Builds for Energy Efficiency

    Workforce Unites to Accelerate Positive Change
    by Pat Stanton

    If “energy efficiency” conjures light bulb rebate programs in your mind, you may be surprised to discover the strength of the energy efficiency industry — and how it continues building. Professionals who provide efficiency services and products are EE pros now gaining a voice and an identity. Read More

  • Ingrid the Insulator - We Can Do It - Women's History Month

    Spotlight on Women in Energy Efficiency

    by Audrey Bragg

    “I think it’s just my personality that allows me to be fearless and put myself in gender-unbalanced situations,” says Stephanie Bassler. “I am doing my best, and I let that speak for itself.” How many of us have heard women’s stories similar to Stephanie’s?

    To celebrate Women’s History Month, my staff asked women to reflect on their career roles in energy efficiency (EE). Read More

  • Guest Blog: Saving money and changing lives through energy efficient solutions

    Derrick BlueDerrick Blue is Interim CEO at Tampa Hillsborough Action Plan.

    A major report shows that there are now more than 119,000 energy jobs in Florida. The vast majority of these—more than 112,000—are energy efficiency jobs. But what are those jobs?

    You might be surprised to learn that energy efficiency employs plumbers, carpenters and other skilled workers in the building trades. I should know—I employ and contract with dozens of them.
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  • Guest Blog: Energy efficient homes save money, build careers, contribute to economy

    Dennis BrachfeldDennis Brachfeld is the owner of AboutSavingHeat.Com.

    Like millions of Coloradans, my love for the great outdoors and winter sports brought me to the Mile-High City. But it was skyrocketing energy costs during the 1970s oil crisis that inspired me to make a career out of reducing energy waste, while helping our environment.

    Today, energy efficiency is paving the way to a prosperous future by creating new, stable, good paying jobs, helping millions save money, and decreasing our energy waste. In 2018 a nationwide report shows there are more than 32,000 energy efficiency jobs here in Colorado alone—a seven percent increase from a year ago. Careers in the energy efficiency industry are wide ranging, including electricians, carpenters, plumbers and construction workers. Read More

  • Guest Blog: Why waste energy you don’t have to?

    Bill LippyWilliam A. Lippy is President and CEO of Fi-Foil Company.

    Florida has made significant economic gains since the great recession wreaked havoc across America a decade ago. One area where the Sunshine State has experienced tremendous growth is in the clean energy industry, which includes renewable power and energy efficiency. Today, the energy efficiency industry is paving the way for good-paying, stable jobs while at the same time reducing energy costs and dependence on fossil fuels.
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