Efficiency Canada and E4TheFuture join forces to raise up energy efficiency professionals

Momentum Builds for Energy Efficiency

Workforce Unites to Accelerate Positive Change
by Pat Stanton

If “energy efficiency” conjures light bulb rebate programs in your mind, you may be surprised to discover the strength of the energy efficiency industry — and how it continues building. Professionals who provide efficiency services and products are EE pros now gaining a voice and an identity.

Do you spend more than 50 percent of your workday to deliver goods and services that lower energy use? Do you improve technologies, appliances, buildings, and energy systems? If so, you’re an EE pro. (Can you be both a construction worker AND an EE pro? Yes!)

Growing a Movement
EE pros are taking their place in the spotlight throughout North America, represented by Faces of EE (in the U.S.) and Our Human Energy (in Canada). Momentum is rapidly building.

In 2017, my team launched Faces of EE to raise up the positive impact of EE pros and illuminate the broad reach of this industry sector. This year, we’re thrilled to partner with Efficiency Canada and welcome their campaign Our Human Energy. As in the United States, the economic development value of EE in Canada is profound:

1 in 50 Canadians are employed in energy efficiency

From architects to HVAC experts, software programmers to program managers, these are your neighbors in every corner of North America. You’ll find them participating in organizations like the Building Performance Association and the Green Building Council — and, many perform extensive work in rural areas as part of small “mom and pop” businesses.

Draft Busters Paris Illinois

No Regrets
I often say that energy efficiency is a “no-regrets” solution. Canadian thought leaders refer to EE as an “all-of-the-above” strategy to deliver lower home energy bills, boost business productivity, and cut pollution. (New Canadian Association Builds Energy Efficiency’s Profile, Beginning with the Industry Itself)

“Energy efficiency is where governments’ focus on economic development and the imperative for climate action come together,” said Efficiency Canada Executive Director Corey Diamond. As in the U.S., local / regional policymakers and business leaders are pulling together for strong positive impact.

Prioritizing EE helps to meet multiple policy objectives, from lowering emissions to improving health. Efficiency is the only energy resource that increases the income of its program participants, by savings translating into pocket money that infuses the economy.

EE Pros Care.
You’re invited to view profiles and testimonials at Faces of EE and Our Human Energy. These caring workers share what matters most to them. You will notice a common theme: Their career is about a lot more than “just a paycheck.” EE pros are passionate about helping people save money and be more comfortable. Our Human Energy brings this to the forefront by saying “Together, we power the economy to support what really matters: people.”

I’m excited to spend my time with industry colleagues that are infused with great team spirit, characterized by a can-do attitude. This ethic is deeply embedded in the daily life of many thousands of small companies and organizations delivering energy efficiency. People are proud to work for the greater good.

Are you an EE pro who wants to join Faces of EE? We welcome you! Visit this page to sign up for free. Not an EE pro? You can still participate by voicing your support.

Coming Soon: EEDay2019 and Energy Efficiency Jobs in America
Two great ways everyone can take part in further building momentum this fall:

1. Participate in #EEDay2019. Get ready now, and spread the word. On October 2, 2019 the biggest-ever online EE Day will highlight steps we can all take to save money, cut pollution and breathe easier. Sign up now to join (for free) this vital annual event and learn more.

EEDay Save Money. Cut Carbon. Breathe Easier.
2. Help spread the word about #EEJobsinAmerica. In a few weeks, Energy Efficiency Jobs in America will be available. Please watch for it and help boost its signal.

Let’s join voices to raise clean energy and energy efficiency in North America. Contact us today if you want to collaborate. We look forward to talking with you!

–Pat Stanton is E4TheFuture’s Director of Policy