United We Work: Together, a Force for Good

by Steve Cowell

The business case for energy efficiency is well-proven. Compelling evidence shows that EE prevents energy waste and lowers costs — in homes, and in commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. EE serves as a “baseload plant,” by reducing overall energy use. It’s reliable and resilient. And energy efficiency is an economic turbocharger. A key aspect of economic benefit is the massive jobs boost from the EE sector. My team is spearheading Faces of EE to introduce energy efficiency’s 2.2 million U.S. workers.

From installing better-performing equipment to treating/smartly controlling building enclosures and systems, the energy efficiency industry covers a lot of ground in 50 states. Across America, our communities, businesses and cities benefit enormously from this invisible, clean and quiet energy resource.

EEDay2017 is the perfect time to highlight how EE can and should enjoy bipartisan policy support, and is a job-creation powerhouse in all states regardless of political leadership. You may be surprised to what extent the EE workforce dominates in “red” states. Watch our 1-minute video:

Faces of EE shows the world what EE workers do. It also shows what they care about. Overwhelmingly, they care about helping people. When asked why energy efficiency matters to them, most people employed in the EE sector mention how much efficiency means to homeowners and tenants who save money, improve their health, and are more comfortable where they live because of the work performed.

Together, the people behind EE jobs are a force for good.

America's job-creation powerhouse

You are invited to take a cruise around our state-by-state resources and meet the people in your own state. You’re also encouraged to join us by adding your voice to the chorus advocating for smart energy policy. As mentioned in my April blog, the energy efficiency business voice is stronger than you may think. Please be in touch with my team for more information.

–Steve Cowell is President of E4TheFuture

Photo: Construction worker Jason Clement preparing for high efficiency air-source heat pump installation. Marcela Gara, Resource Media