EV Charging Stations: Expedited Permitting

Although developed for Massachusetts municipalities, we encourage adaptation and use in other states.

Why expedite permitting in Massachusetts?

The transportation sector accounts for slightly over 40 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in Massachusetts; nearly half are from passenger vehicles.

The transition from gas-powered vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs) is critical as we attempt to minimize the impacts of climate change. If Massachusetts is to meet its climate goals, EV charging stations will need to be installed in thousands of locations throughout the Commonwealth.

Municipalities play a critical role in facilitating the adoption of EVs by providing permits for EV charging stations.

Some municipalities have had issues providing timely permits for the growing number of EV charging station permit applications they receive. This is especially true for stations sited in public rights-of-way.

An expedited permitting ordinance can simplify the permitting process, both for municipalities and for developers, and it can make the process faster and more transparent.

Municipalities that choose to expedite the EV charging station permitting process will be recognized as national leaders in facilitating the adoption of clean transportation.

A Simplified Adoption Process

Convened by E4TheFuture, an expert task force of representatives from advocacy organizations, utilities, charging station providers and Massachusetts state government worked to develop an Expedited EV Charging Station Permitting Package.

Its purpose was to simplify the process of adopting an expedited EV charging station permitting ordinance. The task force met from November 2021 through Spring 2022.

A Model EV Charging Station Permitting Ordinance

Municipalities can adopt the model ordinance as-is by filling in the necessary information, or use it as a starting place for their own permitting requirements.

Download Model Ordinance

Major elements needed with model ordinance:

  • A Transparent Permitting Process

The municipal permitting website shall have a clear link to the requirements and process for permitting EV charging stations.

  • Concurrent Reviews

When review is needed by several departments or commissions, reviews shall occur concurrently until the applicant’s initial submission is deemed complete.

  • EV Ombudsman

Designate a municipal employee as an EV permitting ombudsman to guide applicants, review initial submission packages, and communicate any needed revisions to the applicant.

  • Submission Checklist

A checklist of all documents required to issue a permit for an EV charging station on private land or a public right-of-way shall be listed on the permitting website, with links to each document.


This slide deck can be used as a template for Planning Committees, City Council, Town Selectmen, or other governmental bodies involved with passing the ordinance.

Download Example Slides

Model Checklist

(to come) For municipalities developing their checklists of documents required to issue an EV charging station permit.

Resources and Contacts

General Information about the Model Ordinance: info@e4thefuture.org

Municipal Light Plants, Energy New England: ev@ene.org   

Metropolitan Area Planning Council: Jesse Way, MAPC jway@mapc.org

In The News

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