How a National Energy Efficiency Registry Can Provide Expanded Services

E4TheFuture Case Study – September 2016

When fully developed and operational, the National Energy Efficiency Registry (NEER) would provide automated administration of eligibility and verified savings applications, offering states a powerful tool for public policy.

Included: An illustration of how NEER administration would streamline the eligibility and verified saving application process for both Client Jurisdictions and EE Providers.

Disclaimer: This case study was prepared by, and is the sole responsibility of, E4TheFuture. E4TheFuture is not a National Energy Efficiency Registry (NEER) “project partner” and does not represent the U.S. DOE, the six states, and/or partners The Climate Registry or NASEO in this document. As such, the views expressed are strictly those of E4TheFuture and may not precisely match information provided by the above-referenced project, participating states, or project partners.