Overcoming Weatherization Barriers: A Survey of Resources to Address Barriers to Weatherization in Homes

Prepared by Elizabeth Bourguet and Richard Faesy, Energy Futures Group – December 2020

E4TheFuture asked Energy Futures Group to develop a review of currently operating programs that address barriers to weatherizing homes, and a set of recommendations pertaining to accessibility, funding, and improved health. The white paper offers details and suggestions specific to Connecticut, which is exploring options for barrier mitigation. It calls attention to the connection between energy conservation and home health efforts.

Improving homes to remediate mold, asbestos, or lead paint, makes homes safer and enables weatherization services to commence. This paper examines program elements, gathers data on program use, and provides lessons learned. A sortable resources matrix offers a deeper review of existing programs in the Northeast, and national scope resources.

Download the paper.
Download Workshop Slides (Connecticut, Nov. 2020)
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