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  • #EEDay2020: More Vital Than Ever

    by Carol Harley
    Looking for an opportunity to raise your voice for positive change? It’s coming soon! Everyone can get on board with “Save Money. Cut Pollution. Create Jobs.” Please help us spread the word!

    October 7 marks a 5-year milestone of the big annual campaign E4TheFuture helped to establish, proclaiming energy efficiency’s powerful benefits. Everybody knows saving energy saves money. This year’s campaign can inspire a very broad audience: Everyone who lives in a home, goes to school, and/or works in a building.

    Act Now. It’s free to Join!
    Visit Energy Efficiency Day and join your voice to hundreds helping to promote the massive benefits of EE. Please shout out loud about EE’s power to effect positive change. Read More

  • Green office building

    Clean Energy in Today’s Political Climate: Businesses Double Down

    by Rachel Ehrman

    The mood in the room was one of fierce determination.

    “It’s not a matter of politics…it’s about economics and humanity,” Mindy Lubber’s opening remarks drew a standing ovation from 600+ Ceres Conference attendees – from Fortune 500 companies and investors to U.S. non-profit organizations. As I rose from my seat in the room, I knew it was clear that I was among
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    #EEDay2016: Why Start Now?

    by Carol Harley

    October 5 marks a national milestone: the big inaugural campaign proclaiming energy efficiency’s powerful benefits. Why now? Energy efficiency (EE) fans and advocates may think you’ve heard it all before: “Saving energy saves money”, “The most efficient megawatts are the ones not used”, “Efficiency helps businesses thrive”. Beyond slogans, campaign organizers seek to convey the massive magnitude EE now delivers. So join us to celebrate EE’s good news and to lift the veil on EE’s power.

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