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  • #EEDay2022: Big Advantages, No Regrets

    by Carol Harley

    October 5 is your chance to be in this year’s big campaign that proclaims energy efficiency’s powerful and lasting benefits. Why raise your voice? Lots of reasons! It’s fun to join the unstoppable force of efficiency (EE) and be among its fans and advocates. It’s free. And it’s meaningful. Join us to celebrate positive news and help advance EE as a powerful force for good.

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  • Career Spotlights in Energy Efficiency: Jessica Azarelo

    by Carina Wallack

    “I help clients save money, short and long term, make homes more comfortable, healthier, and happier!” says the founder of Attic Queen, LLC.

    Jessica Azarelo is among the more than two million Americans with rewarding careers in the energy efficiency sector.
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  • Career Spotlights in Energy Efficiency: Jason Denese

    by Carina Wallack

    “I wanted a job that was exciting and fulfilling,” says Jason Denese of Abode Energy Management. “I was looking for opportunities to grow and learn, and the energy efficiency field provided this.”

    Jason took the leap into energy efficiency after a previous career in the casino industry. Read More

  • Career Spotlights in Energy Efficiency: Yashar Ebady

    by Carina Wallack

    “We are talking about the future, our kids and grandkids. Energy will always be relevant,” says energy efficiency professional Yashar Ebady. “It is imperative that we collaborate on all levels around the topic of energy.” Read More

  • Women Leaders Aim for a More Representative Energy Efficiency Industry

    by Carina Wallack

    “As a Latina-mom, an entrepreneur, an employer, and a community member, I am always looking to expand access for people like myself,” says Leticia Colon de Mejias, who started Energy Efficiencies Solutions in Connecticut. She’s right. Greater access to the energy efficiency industry is needed.

    For Women’s History Month, I want to highlight women driving progress in the energy efficiency industry. I was lucky to connect with generous leaders in the Northeast U.S. who are making enormous contributions. Read More

  • Energy Efficiency Jobs in America 2021: The Power to Tackle Our Thorniest Issues

    by Steve Cowell

    Energy Efficiency Jobs in America explores the workforce that comprises the largest part of U.S. energy sector employment. It also shows how energy efficiency has the breadth and depth to tackle our thorniest issues. Efficiency holds the promise of solutions for climate, equity, and economy.

    Energy efficiency businesses across the country were gutted by the pandemic. They continue to be impacted by economic and workforce challenges. Yet day after day, efficiency workers — who are unsung heroes — rise to give their best effort. Read More

  • Veterans Show Leadership in Energy Efficiency Employment

    by Pat Stanton

    “If you can low crawl through cold wet mud under concertina wire while live fire shells whiz above your head,” says Rhett Major, “working in a crawlspace or attic is pretty much a piece of cake.” A veteran of the U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard, Rhett now thrives in his energy efficiency career. He is one of more than 230,000 vets who have chosen similar paths. Read More

  • Workforce options include apprenticeships

    Career Pathways to Energy Efficiency Jobs: Apprenticeships

    by Carina Wallack

    “The time to join a fast growing, rewarding career has never been better,” says HVAC professional Chris Morin. “Every home needs these professional skills, most of which do not require a higher education and mountains of debt to attain… [The energy efficiency industry] is a great choice for those interested in a career move to a skill that cannot be outsourced by robotics.”

    For those seeking stable jobs with opportunities for social and environmental impact, apprenticeships in the energy efficiency (EE) field are a good option. Energy efficiency professionals are everywhere, with varied roles. Read More

  • Clean Energy Jobs Appalachia

    Clean Energy Jobs Begin Heating Up Coal Country

    by Pat Stanton

    “I will always be a coal miner at heart,” Scott Shoupe says, “but we have to acknowledge where it is and the true impacts of coal for the future. I want to take my wealth of knowledge and bring change to my communities.”
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  • Ingrid the Insulator - We Can Do It - Women's History Month

    Spotlight on Women in Energy Efficiency

    by Audrey Bragg

    “I think it’s just my personality that allows me to be fearless and put myself in gender-unbalanced situations,” says Stephanie Bassler. “I am doing my best, and I let that speak for itself.” How many of us have heard women’s stories similar to Stephanie’s?

    To celebrate Women’s History Month, my staff asked women to reflect on their career roles in energy efficiency (EE). Read More

  • Paris Illinois Energy Efficiency Local Jobs Rural Business

    Local Staying Power: EE Jobs in Rural America

    by Audrey Bragg

    Energy Efficiency Jobs in America shows that energy efficiency (EE) jobs drive energy employment, representing nearly 35% of all U.S. energy-sector workers. One may assume that most of these opportunities are in major cities, as rural areas offer fewer job options in general. However, certain industries create a larger number of local jobs providing employment for Americans outside metro areas. These jobs can transform people’s lives and be fulfilling careers.

    EE is one of these vital industries, offering 2.25 million jobs.[i] You may not realize, but EE jobs are everywhere. In fact, 99.7% of U.S. counties have energy efficiency jobs. Yes, 3,000 out of 3,007 counties employ EE workers. Read More

  • Energy-efficiency-construction-jobs

    Construction Jobs Significant in U.S. Energy Efficiency Employment

    by Pat Stanton

    Since early September, I have been eager to share findings from our recently released Energy Efficiency Jobs in America report. One key fact that surfaced is the importance of construction work in the energy efficiency (EE) industry. Overall, 2.25 million Americans are employed in EE. Of these workers, 1.27 million are employed in construction.*

    Did you know that 1 in 6 of all United States construction workers spend 50% or more of their time on EE-related tasks? People may think that careers in efficiency are limited to changing light bulbs and installing insulation. But we’ve discovered that most EE construction work is related to installing high efficiency heating and cooling / HVAC systems. Read More

  • Veterans Careers USA Energy Efficiency Jobs

    Veterans Rock Energy Efficiency Jobs

    by Pat Stanton

    Every workday, 2.25 million American energy efficiency professionals are on the job.[i] Many install insulation and advanced building controls and improve HVAC systems. Their work isn’t always recognized, but I strongly believe that it should be! For starters, energy efficiency (EE) cuts waste and costs while improving health and comfort.

    Our new report, Energy Efficiency Jobs in America, offers insights about EE companies and workers. I was surprised to learn that although only six percent of the U.S. workforce are veterans, eleven percent of energy efficiency workers are veterans. Read More

  • EE-jobs-america-faces-of-energy-efficiency

    Energy Efficiency Jobs: USA’s Powerhouse

    by Steve Cowell

    News flash! The U.S. energy efficiency industry is becoming known as a jobs powerhouse. Why? Because it now supports a workforce of 2.25 million and continues to increase. I feel honored to spread this good news that buoys us beyond politics to unite a focus on the positive.

    Our new report, Energy Efficiency Jobs in America, articulates the scale and scope of jobs across the country, with details for all 50 states. Energy efficiency (EE) is the largest sector in the U.S. clean energy economy. Read More

  • Spotlight: What’s a “Nanogrid”? Clark University Hosts a Tour

    Clark tourby Emily Duff

    In mid-December, E4TheFuture staff braved the New England winter to tour an electric generation project at Clark University in Worcester, MA. The nickname “nanogrid” arose because the setup is smaller than a typical microgrid. Professor Chuck Agosta conceived of the on-campus project and is leading its development and ongoing evolution. We were all eager to learn about this nanogrid. (Plus, I welcomed the chance to get away from my desk!)

    After arriving at the physics building for introductions, the group headed to the roof to see the technologies that comprise the project’s electric generation. Eight solar panels, two small wind turbines and two storage batteries (located downstairs) simultaneously power the lab and will soon provide clean energy to more rooms in the building.

    Left to right: Emily Duff, Susan Buchan, Santiago Deambrosi, Prof. Chuck Agosta and Amir Abedini

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  • Spotlight: Networking: An E4Fellow Perspective

    NetworkingBy Josh Kriesberg

    I attended my first networking event just one week after starting as an E4Fellow. The organization finds and creates networking opportunities not just for the fellows, but for the entire staff. So much of the work that we do is collaborative and we all relish the ability to meet and connect.

    Networking can be difficult. E4TheFuture is great at providing access to events and at building the skills and professional awareness that it takes to be a better networker. The mentality here emphasizes the concept of sharing ideas, both with those who are aligned with our mission and those who have a different view.

    Josh (at left) enjoyed the annual NECA holiday networking event with other clean energy young professionals.

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  • Spotlight: Josh Kriesberg, Policy Fellow

    Josh KriesbergJosh Kriesberg began as a policy fellow at E4TheFuture in July 2016 within weeks after completing his B.A. at Syracuse University. His assignments comprise policy initiatives and research projects including the National Energy Efficiency Registry (NEER) and database management.

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  • Spotlight: Emily Duff, Policy Fellow

    Emily DuffEmily Duff began as a policy fellow at E4TheFuture in July 2016. After just a week of training she was soon immersed in a half dozen policy initiatives and research projects including the National Energy Efficiency Registry (NEER). She also assists with social media outreach.

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